Learn the digital skills to land your dream job

This program, delivered in the heart of London, aims to fast track your digital marketing career in Europe’s digital capital. You will gain skills, technical expertise, and insights into the environment and tools of digital marketing through cutting-edge, practical courses delivered by successful practitioners and accomplished lecturers.

This learning experience will open doors to a wide variety of careers in the digital marketing field, giving students a firm grounding in the marketing principles and online strategies needed to attract customers in the Internet age.

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Programme certifié par l'Etat, niveau I*

Media Trends


Stage 6 mois

Durée : 1 an

1 rentrée par an

en Septembre

Rythme alterné

(6 mois de cours et 6 mois de stage)

Frais de scolarité

10 350€

* Titre de Manager de la Communication et du Marketing Digital, certification de niveau I, enregistrée au RNCP, code NSF 320,
par arrêté du 30 août 2016, délivrée sous l’autorité de Sup de Pub Paris.

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Liste des cours

  • Media Trends and British Brands

  • Fundamentals of Business

  • Big Data: Current Trends

  • Mobile and Messaging

  • Total Internet Optimisation

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

  • Web Design

  • Digital Advertising: Paid Media

  • Omnichannel Retailing

  • Digital Analytics and Effectiveness