Hard work beats talent.

Our program follows closely the many technical developments used by major players in the new technologies and social networks for digital marketing, data marketing, brand content and massive use of behavioural databases. It trains our students to be high-level digital project managers across a wide array of sectors.

The goal of the professional project is to write a business plan and found a real company or product in the communication and digital sectors. Students working teams of two or three and defend their project to a jury of professionals. The best projects have the opportunity to receive support from INSEEC in the form of incubator space.

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Programme certifié par l'Etat, niveau I*

Digital Strategy


Stage 6 mois

Durée : 1 an

1 rentrée par an

en Septembre

Rythme alterné

(6 mois de cours et 6 mois de stage)

Frais de scolarité

10 350 €

* Titre de Manager de la Communication et du Marketing Digital, certification de niveau I, enregistrée au RNCP, code NSF 320,
par arrêté du 30 août 2016, délivrée sous l’autorité de Sup de Pub Paris.

Liste des cours

  • Web Design and Introduction to Coding

  • Digital Marketing

  • Lean Graphic Design for entrepreneurs

  • Facebook Ads Set-up and optimization

  • Intensive Integrated English

  • Entrepreneur perspectives guest lecture series

  • Bay Area Innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem

  • Lean Startup methodology

  • 3D Modeling and 3D Printing for rapid prototyping

  • Design Thinking

  • Pitching for startups