Goals, skills and Abilities

« The management of the production and crossborder distribution of products and services are under the pressure of worldwide trends of sustainability and digital transformation. These challenges require a new breed of minds capable of handling large amounts of data to make the right operational decisions while taking into account the impact of supply chains on the environment. Collaboration within and across organizations and out of the box thinking are key competencies that are targeted by our training program. We believe that understanding the theory behind supply chains and how it relates to these trends is key to effective purchasing and supply chain management. »

Adib Bensalem, PhD Professeur of Supply Chain Management, ESCE
MSc Coordinator

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Professional skills

• To learn purchasing and negotiation techniques
• To develop a strategic management of flows within a digital environment
• To anticipate, plan, optimize and manage supplies, transportation, inventory and sales
• To manage information systems, quality control and optimize the project plan
• To analyze risks and costs
• To understand and control the strategic impacts of supply chain operations
• To address eco-logistical and sustainable development issues

Soft Skills

In order to develop managerial skills in a corporate environment and enhance employability, the «Leadership and Development of Soft Skills» program provides personalized coaching and support. Students are accompanied using an approach that promotes sustainable human development. A soft skills referential has been elaborated based on the expectations of international
organizations. Students follow a program in several phases:

• Self-evaluation
• Coaching to improve specific skills
• Review and formulation of a personal development plan

Les points clés


Soft skills


6 months

Durée : 1 an

1 rentrée par an


Rythme alterné

Frais de scolarité

FI : 8 850 €

FA : 9 050€

1100€ d’acompte à l’inscription (150€ de frais de dossier)

Titre RNCP Certifié niveau I


Avoir un intérêt pour l’actualité du monde, avoir validé un BAC +4, avoir un bon niveau en communication et des bases en marketing digital.

Métiers visés

Product manager
Brand Manager
Project Manager
Agile product manager/Scrum Master
Customer experience manager
CRM Marketer
Chef de secteur

Teaching methods

The evaluation methods are face-to-face, in the form of continuous assessment, and end-of-studies exams.

  • Lectures and interactive courses
  • Situational exercises through collective or individual case studies
  • Conferences, seminars and visits with an educational focus
  • Business Game, Challenge

Academic semester 1 & 2

Language skills

  • Persuasive communication
  • Optional: an additional foreign language

Soft skills

  • Soft skills development & assessment
  • Soft skills re-enforcement
  • International employment checklist
  • Behaving Ethically, Promoting sustainability & Fostering an inclusive environment
  • Leadership and Team Development

Professional skills

  • Procurement & Sourcing Management I
  • Procurement and Sourcing management II
  • Warehouse Logistics & Facility Design
  • Inventory Management
  • Transportation & Distribution Management
  • Supply Chain Strategy and Design (International Business Game)
  • Quality Management & Process improvement
  • SCM workshops
  • International Business negotiation

Semester 3

  • Internship in France or abroad (6 months)